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Casio Privia PX 150 Reviews: Touch Sensitive Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX 150 Reviews:

Casio PX 150 Privia has a more realistic graded hammer key action and three sensors key action. Given the price, it is the perfect portable package. The prestigious design with convenient buttons simply grabs the eyeballs.

A pianist honestly said that “Sometimes I can only groan, and suffer, and pour out my despair at the piano”.

I feel these lines tantalize the artifact that a piano insinuates to a pianist. It may seem easy to play the piano, but believe me, it requires a hell of a lot of determination and hard work to master this instrument.

The piano industry has witnessed a lot of revolutions and innovations. One of them worth the mention is Digital Pianos. Digital pianos have gained prominence over the years due to their versatility and the multiple features they come loaded with.

Many brands have made their mark and produced some of the best digital pianos with features and quality. One amongst them is Casio. Let’s scrutinize this brand:

About the Brand [Casio]

The Casio Company has its worldwide headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, producing digital pianos for over 30 years. Apart from digital pianos, they are world-famous for their calculators, advanced digital cameras, sports & consumer watches, advanced digital technology for communication devices.

They are said to be the producers of the best digital technology. It is said that the competitors study their products instead of apprehending the technology introduced by Casio.

Products by Casio are best in quality and come at lower prices. Casio has a new 3-year parts & labor warranty, an add-on attribute to the consumer.

Casio, as a brand, needs no introduction and is one of the most renowned and popular brands in the industry. They are known for their latest technology and low prices.

But don’t confuse low prices with the quality. They produce the best instruments that are high in quality and give tough competition to their rivals.

Take a glance at one of the best digital pianos by Casio:

Casio PX 150 Privia Digital Piano:

The PX150 replaces the older PX130 and is upgraded in some big ways. Casio PX 150 Privia Series, one of the best sold digital pianos online.

Casio is known for pushing its limits and working hard on its technology. Every time they come with a new product, it is better than the previous one. And Casio Privia PX 150 is no different. With its fantastic sound quality and key action, it has impressed everyone.

PX150 has been leading the top position in the chartbusters and captures some innovative and unique features worth discussing. Take a look at them:

Casio Privia PX-150 Design:

It weighs only 20 pounds, making it the lightest digital piano on the market. Thus, it becomes easy for people who carry out their piano frequently. It comes in both black and white color. Both the colors fit well in any home décor.

The ebony and ivory textured keys realistically mimic an actual piano. The trendy CS-67 stand that comes along fits excellent with the overall design.

They feature an AiR Sound Source technology, i.e., ‘Acoustic and intelligent Resonator’, making the piano sound more real.

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Casio PX150 Sound System:

With 128 Polyphony, it will be able to play most of the songs and come with various sound choices such as Concert, Modern, Classic, Mellow, and Bright. PX150 has two speakers and 16 watts of audio power.

The PX150 has 18 instrument tones and five acoustic piano reproductions, including the classical concert piano and pop piano.

Casio PX 150 Privia comes with a layer function that allows users to play with two different sounds simultaneously. It can also play instrument sounds such as harpsichord, string, Organ, Bass, and 13 other sounds.

The most impressive feature of Casio PX 150 Privia is the audio compression technology and the String Resonance System. While the first one allows samples to be recorded and reproduced without compromising quality, the latter one replicates the response of each of a piano’s strings when the damper pedal is pressed.

There comes a Music Library, which contains over 60 internally stored demo songs and pieces.

Casio PX150 Key Action:

Casio PX 150 Privia Series has all 88-key Weighted Grade Hammer Action. GHS action is somewhat light in key movement. It has weighted keys with tri-sensor scaled hammer action.

It comes with textured ebony and ivory keys for an authentic piano feel and has one of the best touches compared to other pianos.

Keys along the bass are heavier and become lighter as they scale towards the treble.

Casio PX-150 Connectivity:

The PX150 also has a core compliant USB/MIDI plug & play connection to an iPad or laptop computer without the hassle of downloading additional drivers.MIDI capability allows tracks to be uploaded to the computer or downloaded to the piano.

Casio PX150 Additional Features:

The PX150 also has the key transpose, duet/4-hand playing mode, two headphone jacks, a 2-track MIDI song recorder, and other features. An optional furniture style stands and a 3-pedal unit are also available for this model.

It also has a demo songbook, which is of great help to beginners.

The Duet mode splits the casio privia keyboard into two halves for piano instruction. Optional accessories include a fitting cabinet stand and the SP-33 pedal that offers the same pedal function as an acoustic grand.

There are four different types of reverb for digital effects and four different types of chorus effects. You can check the casio privia px 150 price here:

Casio Privia PX 150 vs PX 350:

The PX350 features four speakers, 16 Watts of Power, while the PX150 includes two speakers and 16 watts of sound power, typically enough in portable electronic pianos. The PX350, however sounds slightly better than the PX150 due to its two additional speakers.

Casio Privia PX 150 vs Yamaha P115- Key Noise

Casio Privia Digital Piano PX150 vs PX750 vs PX850:

Conclusion [Casio Privia PX 150 Reviews]

It is a machine that is highly recommended. It delivers a complete power-packed performance. With all the quality attributes and without killing your budget, Casio PX 150 Privia is an instrument you will be totally in love with.

It comes with some impulsive upgrades to its previous models that are highly impressive. The sound and the key action are marvelous.

It is an instrument loved by beginners and skilled pianists alike. To conclude, I think this is one of the best portable digital pianos in a low price range.

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